Depending on when we do our first and last walk determines the price.
So if we start with an afternoon walk, you would be charged only for that walk
and an evening walk and then an additional charge($25) for the walker staying
over night.
The next day, they may only do a morning and afternoon walk because you
maybe returning that evening.

1 dog 30/min $15 (+$3 for evening walk)

2 dogs 30/min $20 (+5 for evening walk)

Example: One full-day 1 dog, 3 walks would be $15 + $15 + $18 + ($25) = $73
         One full day-2 dogs, 3 walks would be $20 + $20 + $20 +($25) = $85

Note if we start the first walk later in the day or you return early that day would
be discounted by the number of walks we did on that day.


There is an additional $5 charge for each walk on all Major Holidays.

The six are:
1. New Year's Day
2. Memorial Day
3. Independence Day
4. Labor Day
5. Thanksgiving Day
6. Christmas Day
Cancellations: Because house sitting may take up a large chunk of someones time; we need to know 2 weeks in advance
for a complete refund.