"We have used Happy Paws now for over 10 years and would never dream of having anyone else take care of Gary.
Gary is our Jack Russell. He has so much energy. We need him walked 3 times a day, so its really important someone
get here in the morning on time, afternoon and then and evening walk.
Happy Paws does all that.
And the prices are affordable!

Thanks Happy Paws
Nancy and Jim UWS

I got started with Happy Paws from a friend. She was using the service and when he told me about it I email Happy Paws
and set a meeting.
I travel a lot so using the boarding was just what I needed. The price can not be beat. And Pete(My long haired
dachshund) loves to spend time at Jeffrey's place. The kennels is just not an alternative anymore.

Sue  (Lincoln Center)

I sometimes have to change my schedule at a moments notice. Happy Paws is always there. They never said "no" to me.
Thats all I need to know.

John B (UWS)

I don't like the pack walkers. Really! How can anyone walk 10 dogs at once!! Why would anyone let their dog walk with
10 other dogs. I know its something to watch, but so is a circus and I not going to have my Bailey walked like that.
Happy Paws gives me and Bailey the personal service I want.

Sara J (CPS)