"High Drama"

Bill Bradford

Ophelia at Wings Theatre
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A re-examination of Hamlet through Ophelia's eyes with liberated story lines, and some nice explanation through story development of what
might have happened before King Hamlet was murdered by his brother Claudius.

Very demanding material, especially music by Jeffrey Weissman and book/lyrics by Antonia Tancredi, a new composer team for the musical
theater. Heavy material that was thought provoking- a comparison of Steven Sondheim and Kurt Weill come to mind.
I got to see Lynette Knapp as Ophelia, a wonderful range and conviction in her part.
Also matched by Chan Harris as the brooding Hamlet.

It was completely well cast and all are to be commended for their efforts including the six piece ensemble orchestra.

Review from  “High Drama”  a New York Cable show.
Aired March 16th 2001
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